Step 1:
Press the Power button to turn on the camera

Step 2:
On your phone, go to Settings, then Wi-Fi
Select the camera’s Wi-Fi name, then enter the password. If you have ordered your camera from us, the password is always 'openspace' - all lower case.

Step 3 (optional):
The wifi network name always contains the word "VIRB" in it - if you still need to find it exactly, then do the following:
Press the arrow keys to select "Wireless"
Press OK
Press the arrow keys to select "Wifi"
Press OK

Tips & Tricks:

  • You only need to pair your phone with your camera once.

  • No need to toggle with any of the other camera settings - we ship it to you preset. 

  • Do not use the red switch on the side of the camera to start your capture or turn the camera on, as it does not send all of the metadata needed to localize your capture.


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