Signing in:

Adding more people to be members of your project is easy - to get started, go to First, you will be prompted to log in. Login via Procore, Plangrid or Google if you use any of those services. Otherwise, click "Don't remember your password?" to get a new password link sent to your email address.

Finding your project:

    Once you’ve logged in, you will be directed to choose your organization. Click on your organization and you will be taken to a screen listing all of the projects you have access to in OpenSpace. From there, find the project you wish to add new users to.

Adding new users:

Once you locate your project, click on the blue "Add user" icon on the lower right corner. This will prompt you to fill in the email addresses of all of the users you wish to add. If you want to add more than 3 new users, simply click the add more people button to add additional input fields.

Assigning permission levels:

   Once you’ve added the email addresses, select the permission level of each user before sending an invite. A new user can either be a site administrator, an editor, or a viewer. After assigning the correct permission level, click "Send Invitations."

  • A site administrator can view and add captures, field notes, and new project members. 
  • An editor can view and add captures and field notes. However, they cannot add new project members. 
  • A viewer can view captures and field notes.

Viewing and Deleting Existing Users:

     If you would like to view or delete existing users, you can go back to the project tile and click "View Members". From here, you can change the permission level of users as well as delete them entirely. Please note that only site administrators can delete members or change their permission levels. 

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