THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY IN PRIVATE BETA. To be added to the beta, please contact - you will also need to update to the most recent version of the mobile app.

Please note if you have done a lot of captures on multiple floors, have a lot of data to upload, have a poor mobile data connection, or for any other reason, that you can always upload your captures via the traditional method of plugging the camera into your computer and using the OpenSpace Sync uploader. Instructions for desktop/laptop upload here.

Step 1 - Stop Recording:

Stop recording - press "Stop" when prompted at this screen.

Step 2 - Press Upload Video to OpenSpace Now:

Note: if you do not want to upload between each capture (for example if you are walking multiple floors), you can tap "continue with a new capture". To learn how to sync past captures, skip ahead to "Uploading Previous Captures" below.

Step 3 - Download video to mobile device

Press the download video button to begin transferring the video from the 360 camera to your mobile device.  Keep the app open during this transfer process.

When the download has completed, press "Next Step":

Step 4 - Uploading to OpenSpace

Choose the connection you would like to upload with. We advise you to switch to an internet connected wifi for this step, but you can also choose to upload with cellular data. Keep the app open for the duration of the upload

Success - Upload Complete

If the upload has been successful you will see this screen, and you can press the home button at the bottom of the screen:

Uploading previous captures

If you do not want to upload between site walks, you can still use mobile upload.

From the project home screen, tap the settings icon (the gear icon at the top right of the screen). 

In settings, tap "My Captures" (near the bottom of the settings screen).

You will see the captures that have not been synced from this screen:

Tap "Upload Video to OpenSpace Now" to begin the upload process.  You must connect to the camera or you will receive the following warning message:

Once you are connected to the camera, the upload process will be the same as Step 2 above.

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