To start, place your Insta360 in the mount provided with the battery side facing down so that the USB port is showing on top. The camera should sit at an angle, slightly veering up.

Next, while holding the camera/mount, put your middle finger through both of the bands. Almost as if you were wearing the bands like a ring. 

With your index finger, apply pressure to the top/front of the camera while your ring finger is doing the same to the rear of the camera. With your thumb, grip under the mount, and use your pinky as needed to balance. 

From here pull up with your middle finger, applying pressure to the bands (don't worry they won't break!). One at a time, pull the bands up, over the camera, and then latch them around the bottom of the mount. Your camera should now be locked in place to the mount.  

Finally, place the Insta360 on the hardhat with the camera facing forward. You are now able to start capturing!

***Note the Insta360 will not mount if the USB port has a battery sign next to it! Please another port of this is the case.

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