Field Notes are a powerful tool that allow you to take high resolution photos using your phone's camera while on the OpenSpace app. From here you can add notes to this image; i.e. 'Missing Steel Structural Install' or 'Cracked Window'. This Field Note will automatically pin to the the correct location on your floor plan.

To take a Field Note, open the OpenSpace app on your phone, select 'New Capture', and 'Mobile Photos'.

Selecting 'Mobile Photos' will allow you to take a photo with your phone. Take a photo of the object or area, and add any relevant notes beneath.

Finally select which area on the floor plan this image is located to create the Field Note.

Because this image is taken with your phone's camera it will result in a higher resolution photo. We often see Field Notes used for punchlist walks and debris tracking, but the use cases are endless. To learn how to create a Field Note after your walk and on your computer click here or to learn how to generate an automated report of these Field Notes click here.

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