Before you Start: Review your ONE R's

1. U-Disk Mode

2. Firmware Version

Check your U-Disk Mode

  • If the U-Disk Mode is already set to "PC Mode" you are all set:
    Settings > General > U-Disk Mode > PC Mode.
  • If NOT, kindly see below in "Getting Ready" for visual references to update to PC Mode.

Check your Current Firmware Version

  • If you're on v7.1.36, you're all set to use OpenSpace!
  • If you are NOT on v7.1.36, you need to update to v7.1.36. Please follow the guide below, starting at "Getting Ready."

NOTE: If you're on v2.1.18 (or earlier), you may need to upgrade to Insta360's latest firmware before updating to our version. Please follow Insta360's guide to update to their latest firmware.

Getting Ready

  • Download OpenSpace's ONE R firmware to your computer with this link.
    (This is version 7.1.36)
    Make sure file name is "Insta360OneRFW.bin" - the camera will NOT update if the name is different. (This is version 7.1.36)
  • Assemble camera in 360 mode by removing the one-sided lens and replacing it with the 360 (double-sided) lens. Assemble those to the battery (the long red piece).
  • The default Camera WiFi Password is 88888888.

Updating the U-Disk

Under the Insta360 One R settings on the camera the U-Disk mode needs to display PC Mode to allow your computer to read the camera as a drive once plugged into your computer.

1.Go into the Settings: Swipe down from the top

2.Scroll until you have navigated to the U-Disk setting

3.Tap U-Disk and change to PC Mode

Updating the Firmware

1. Connect the Insta360 ONE R to your computer with the included USB cable.

2. Copy Insta360OneRFW.bin file to the Insta360 ONE R's SD card.
It should look like this:

3. Wait for the file to finish copying over, then eject the Insta360 ONE R from your computer.

4. Turn the camera on. After a few seconds, it will say "Checking firmware"

5. When the firmware update is complete, the Insta360 ONE R screen will go black. Long press the power button to turn it off, then press the power button one more time to turn it back on.

6. Connect the Insta360 ONE R to your phone via WiFi Settings (the password is 88888888).

7. Open the app on your phone. If everything went right, you will see "Camera battery" on the top. You're ready to start capturing!

NOTE: The ONE R is sometimes stylized OneR.

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