While doing an OpenSpace site walk with a 360 camera, smartphone photos are automatically mapped onto floor plans. But what about the majority of the time when a site walk isn't happening?

Great news - all photos on a project can be captured with the OpenSpace mobile app to ensure a central record of all visual data on your project. That's why we recommend that every member of your project team downloads the OpenSpace app, available for both iOS and Android.

Anyone that is a member of your project on OpenSpace (except for read only users) can add photos from their mobile device with the OpenSpace app.

***Note: these are different than video captures and 360 photos, for information on taking captures please check out Taking a capture: 360 Video and Taking a capture: Manual 360 Photos. These photos will appear as "Field Notes"

Using OpenSpace to capture project photos at any time

Step 1 - Swipe left to select "Mobile Photos" Then tap on the blue icon

Step 2 - Choose drawing where photo is located.

Step 3: Select photo location

In the drawing that appears, tap the location of the photo, then tap "continue"

Step 4: Take Photo

Tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen

Step 5: Save the Field Note:

Once you've taken the photo, tap Save Field Note. That's it! The photo will sync to OpenSpace with its location information associated with it.

During this step you can also the email address of a member on the project who should be alert along with a status and tag.

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