Upcoming OpenSpace Webinar Wednesdays:

How Clearsight Progress Tracking Can Help with Billings and Prevent Delays (US)

September 22, 2021

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Clearsight Progress Tracking is the fastest and easiest way to track and validate percent complete, quantity installed and rate of work. Join us as we go deeper and discuss how it can help with billings and prevent delays. As always, a 30 minute Q&A to follow.

Using OpenSpace for Preconstruction and Estimating (US)

October 6, 2021

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While OpenSpace is a fantastic tool in the field, it can also be a great resource for Preconstruction/Estimating teams! Join Wesley DuBose, Customer Success Associate as he discusses how you can use OpenSpace to capture existing conditions, compare current/completed projects with projects in pursuit, assist in the design process and more!

OpenSpace Community Launch

October 20,2021

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We are so excited to be launching our OpenSpace Community!

In this webinar, you can expect:
- An overview and preview of the OpenSpace Community
- Expectations and next steps
- Exclusive incentives
- Q&A

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