With Field Notes, you can take a note - text or a photo - with your mobile phone while you are doing an OpenSpace walk. That note will then automatically appear at the time and location you took it in the OpenSpace capture. This allows you to add detailed image and other context to your walks, which you can then use in your workflows - punch items, observations, RFI data, and so on.
Some important things to note:

  • Field Notes is iOS only.
  • Field Notes works on the most up-to-date iOS client version (3.9.9 or above). The app version can be accessed under Settings in the app by clicking on the gear, then your name, and the version is at the bottom of that page.
  • Customers need to have the camera facing the right way. Having the camera backwards will affect field note placement (for now). The camera is facing the right way if the camera controls are at the back of your head when your hard hat is on.


  • Go to the iOS App Store to update to the most recent version of the app. Once the app has finished downloading, force it to refresh by dragging the project list sidebar down with your thumb (as shown below).
  • Start a capture as you normally would. For instructions on starting a capture, click here. Once the capture has begun and you see something in the field that you would like to take a picture or note of, click on the "Add Field Notes" button on the bottom.
  • Field Notes will access the camera on your phone. As you're taking a field note, you can add text, and then click "Done".
  • You can take as many field notes on a walk as you would like - to view your Field Notes during the walk, swipe up the Field Notes section on the capture screen. Once you're finished with your walk, they will be automatically located for you after your capture is uploaded and published.
  • Once you're done, upload your capture as you normally would.
  • Click here for instructions on viewing your Field Notes after your capture has been published.
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