• Make sure your SD card is on this list of approved Garmin SD cards. You can see the full list here.
  • Update your camera’s firmware via the Garmin mobile app: Download the Garmin app from the iOS app store, connect to the camera’s WiFi, go to Settings tab in the Garmin app (gear top-right hand corner), go to “Check for Updates”
  • Use our mounting solution on the top of the hardhat for the best quality captures. We’re happy to send you a mount, free of charge.
  • Make sure the camera clock is set correctly: Turn the camera on via the Power button on the top of the camera. There is a small flashing icon on the camera screen that looks like a satellite. Wait until this stops flashing - this means the GPS has locked and the camera time will update automatically. You will need to do this outside, as the camera can’t get a GPS connection usually indoors.
  • Always use the Power button at the top of the camera to turn it on, not the switch on the side of the camera.
  • All captures should be started via the OpenSpace app.
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