Embed OpenSpace in Procore

The OpenSpace (Embedded) app allows you to embed OpenSpace in your Procore account.  This includes the ability to create Observations and RFIs or to view virtual walkthroughs -- which reduce the need to visit physical sites by up to 50%. 

How to activate the integration 

  1. Sign in as a company admin on Procore.

  2. Click the plug icon to explore the Procore App Marketplace

3. Search for OpenSpace (Embedded). Click the app that appears in the search bar.

4. Click "Install App".

5. Next you must create a single configuration of the app per project.  Select only one project

6. Then navigate to the Project or Shared Folder in OpenSpace to get the Site ID of that project.
Do not copy the full URL. Copy the value after ?site=

In the example below, the URL is openspace.ai/ohplayer?site=UTpGnL1QSTWqYE8bs3cmlw

The value to copy and paste into the OpenSpace Site ID field in Procore is: UTpGnL1QSTWqYE8bs3cmlw

7. Paste the value from the url after "site=" into the Site ID value in Procore.

To add to additional projects:
Navigate to your project in Procore, and under apps, click App Management:

Under app management, click Create Configuration:

Repeat steps 5-7 above to add a configuration per project.

Each project added will now open the corresponding OpenSpace project when selected from the apps dropdown menu:

Be sure to sign in to OpenSpace with the Procore button to allow you to create Observations and RFIs from directly within Procore's interface!

For more information visit Procore Marketplace app or contact support@openspace.ai

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