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Import Users from Procore
Import Users from Procore

Quickly add users to your OpenSpace project from Procore.

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  1. OpenSpace project must be integrated with Procore - Reference: Enable Procore Integration on Project

  2. Read-only permissions in the Procore Directory tool

  3. Site Admin or higher permission in OpenSpace





Site Administrator

Organization Administrator

Import Users

How to import users from Procore?

  1. On the web click into your project title

  2. In the lower left corner select the hard hat icon for a list of members

  3. Select Invite from Procore

  4. A pop-up will display Invite Procore members

  5. You can select one or more members by clicking on their name

    1. If needed, you can also check the Select All box in the upper left corner

  6. Click the blue Invite members when you have made your selections

  7. You will have a successful check mark icon that appears indicating you have successfully added the user(s)


  1. Is the importing of users two-way?

    • Users can only be imported one-way: Procore into OpenSpace.

  2. Will users inherit Procore permissions in OpenSpace?

    • No admins will have to assign OpenSpace permissions to each imported user.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace Support team at

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