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Get Ready for Changes: Status Simplification
Get Ready for Changes: Status Simplification

Get ready for changes to your OpenSpace Projects

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Today we have four site status options: Draft, Active, Archived, and Completed. We are simplifying site statuses by paring down to two options: Active and Closed. (The “Closed” status is our new name for “Completed.”)

What should you do to get ready for this change?

If you have any Draft Sites, you must convert them to Active by July 24th, 2022. (Sites left in Draft past the deadline will be deleted.) Existing Archived sites will automatically be converted to Closed status and will be read-only.

How can you convert sites from Draft Status to Active Status?

  1. First, find your Draft sites, by clicking “Draft” in the left-hand sidebar on the project landing page.

  2. Select the site you wish to convert. You will land in the project settings where you can click the blue “Publish” button in the lower right corner to convert the site from Draft to Active status.

  3. After publishing the site, you can find it in your Active sites by clicking “Active” in the left-hand sidebar.

What will change when my Archived sites are converted to Closed?

When projects are converted from Archived to Closed, users of all permission levels will have read-only access to the project. Users will not be able to edit any project settings on Closed projects and only Org Admins are able to add additional users to Closed projects. Projects need to be reactivated in order for settings to be edited. Site Admins and Org Admins have the ability to reactivate projects from the project card.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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