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Enable ACC Build Integration on your OpenSpace Project
Enable ACC Build Integration on your OpenSpace Project

Link your OpenSpace and Autodesk Construction Cloud project to unlock powerful workflows.

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  • OpenSpace Site Admin or Org Admin

ACC Build

  • Account Administrator to install OpenSpace Feature App in ACC Build Apps

  • Project Administrator to integrate OpenSpace project to ACC Build

Setup Instructions

The following steps are required to enable the ACC Build Integration:

  1. Connect orgs

    1. Connect Autodesk to your OpenSpace account.

      1. Log in to OpenSpace with the ACC login credentials. Find instructions here.

    2. Install the OpenSpace app—the user must be an Account Admin for the ACC Build account.

      1. Log in to your ACC account.

      2. Select the org you want to integrate with.

      3. Select “Account Admin” in the top left drop-down.

      4. Click “Apps” in the left sidebar.

      5. Optional: Repeat for other ACC orgs that need to be integrated with OpenSpace. The OpenSpace app must be installed on every ACC account that you want to integrate with.

  2. Connect projects—the user must be an OpenSpace Org Admin.

    1. Return to OpenSpace.

    2. Navigate to the project that will be integrated.

    3. Go to Project Settings.

    4. Go to the “Integrations” tab.

    5. Click the “Autodesk Construction Cloud” button.

    6. Select the project from the list.

Installing the OpenSpace app

Linking projects

Select from list of projects

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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