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Autodesk Model Import
Autodesk Model Import

Import model files directly from BIM360 Docs and ACC Build

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  1. Enable BIM 360 or the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Build integration on your OpenSpace Project

  2. Account Administrator to install OpenSpace App in BIM 360 Apps / (One time setup)

  3. Sign into your OpenSpace account with Autodesk SSO (if you log into OpenSpace via email/password or a different SSO, then you will not be able to import a model from Autodesk)

OpenSpace Permissions




Site Administrator

Organization Administrator

Upload via Autodesk

Autodesk Permissions

  • BIM 360:

    • Document Management -> Project Files Folder -> Permission settings: Assigned "View" permission level

  • ACC Build:

    • Docs -> Project Files Folder -> Permission settings: Assigned Create "View + Download" permission level


With OpenSpace BIM+ you can import a model directly from ACC Build or BIM 360 Docs. (If not importing from Autodesk, you would need to manually upload a BIM or 3D model file from a local drive.)

How to Use Autodesk Model Import

To import a model for the first time:

  1. Log in to OpenSpace via Autodesk SSO

  2. Navigate to the Project Settings of the desired project.

  3. If BIM 360 or ACC integrations are not yet activated and connected to the corresponding project in Autodesk, this step must be completed before moving on to the next step. See the prerequisites section above.

  4. Click on the “BIM+” tab and select “Autodesk Import.”

  5. Select the desired file.

  6. Click "Import."

  7. When the file completes processing, your model will arrive in our alignment queue where it is aligned to sheets that have captures. You can also perform self-serve model to sheet alignment by clicking “Align” in the “Sheets Aligned” section:

How to Update a Model to a New Version when Available from BIM 360 or ACC

Logging in via Autodesk SSO and having the project linked to BIM 360 or ACC via the Integrations tab are both still required for updating to a new model version.

  1. When our system detects that a new version of your imported model is available from Autodesk (BIM 360 or ACC), the “Update” button for that model’s row in the BIM+ tab of Project Settings will be activated. Site and Org Admins have permissions to click that button and import the latest version of that model:

  2. If the imported model is the latest version, the “Update” button will be disabled and a “Model is latest version” hover message displays.


  1. What are integration requirements for importing a model from Autodesk?

    1. In order to use this feature, you must:

      1. Be logged in via Autodesk SSO

      2. Link the OpenSpace project in the integrations tab in Project Settings to the associated BIM 360 or ACC Build project. See the “How to” section above for more details.

  2. Does this feature work if the user logs in with Procore or PlanGrid SSO, and/or if the project is linked to a Procore project or PlanGrid?

    1. No. However, you can log in via Autodesk SSO, link the project, import the model, log out, log back in with Procore, and re-link the Procore project. The model will stay uploaded, however you’ll need to take those same steps any time you want to update your model. Also, if any Field Notes have been exported to Procore from OpenSpace, those links will be lost when the Procore integration is unlinked.

  3. I know that OpenSpace only supports one integration at a time. If I want to link Field Notes to Procore but import their model from Autodesk, is that possible?

    1. No, not yet. In order to use Autodesk model import, you must be logged in with Autodesk SSO, and your project must be linked to the appropriate ACC or BIM 360 project in the OpenSpace “Integrations” tab. These are the same requirements for using the Procore integrated Field Notes, so the two features are not currently compatible with one another. We are working to improve this experience in the near future.

  4. Does this feature support a “live view” or a two-way “sync” of my models in the BIM 360 or ACC Collaborate Pro/Model Coordination module?

    1. No. Our Autodesk model import feature enables you to upload (via cloud-to-cloud import) the model that’s stored in the Document Management / Docs module into OpenSpace. There is no live sync.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace Support team at

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