Once you have linked your OpenSpace and Procore projects, you and your team can generate crystal-clear RFIs directly from OpenSpace. 

Visual documentation and precise floorplan location are automatically included as attachments which you can review.

Generating an RFI

Navigate to your project: and click on the Field Notes icon in the left menu:

From your list of field notes, you will notice a new link at the bottom: "Link to Procore". Click that link. 

Note: If you don't have any Field Notes, you can create one one in the 360 viewer by clicking the Field Note icon in the left menu. 

You must save the Field Note, then click the Field Note icon in the left menu to generate an RFI.

A prompt will then appear giving you the option of creating a new RFI in Procore. Alternatively, you can link to an existing RFI to attach a photo and a PDF of the exact floor plan location to provide rich context to the RFI.

When creating a new RFI, complete the fields - this is the information that will appear in Procore.

Once you complete the form, you will see the field note is linked to a Procore RFI and the status will reflect the RFI's status in Procore:

OpenSpace Attachments in Procore

By using OpenSpace to generate RFIs, rich visual context and the location on the floor plans are included automatically as attachments:

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