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Mounting Your Camera
Mounting Your Camera
Kitting your hard hart & proper Mount placement for your 360 camera
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Mounting your camera to a hard hat requires 3 components:

  • A double-sided sticky (VHB adhesive) pad

  • A metal washer

  • An OpenSpace magnetic mount

We may have shipped you a hard hat that already has a sticky pad and washer applied to it. We call this a 'kitted hard hat'. If this is the case that hard hat is ready to go and you can skip straight to the 'Mounting your camera' section further down this article!

Note: You can easily share a single camera between multiple users. You only need a single OpenSpace magnetic mount to do this but each hard hat should be kitted with the sticky pad and washer.

Kitting your hard hat

First your hard hat needs to be kitted out with the double-sided sticky pad and metal washer that allows our detachable magnetic camera mount to easily slide on and off.

  1. Take your hard hat and clean the surface where the sticky pad is going to be applied, it's important for the surface to be clean and dry for the sticky pad to adhere properly.

  2. Take the sticky pad and stick it down onto the highest, central point of the hard hat leaving the 3M logo side facing up.

  3. Take the metal washer and place the slightly concave face onto the sticky pad. Pro-tip: We apply some glue to the washer to improve the adhesion between it and the sticky pad - we strongly recommend you do the same.

  4. Ideally the sticky pad needs 24 hours to adhere fully. When we are kitting them out, we like to leave the hard hats upside down at this point in order to apply some gentle pressure while the pad cures.

  5. That's your hard hat prepared! Now it's time to mount your camera...

Note: Sticking the pad to an unclean hard hat surface and/or improper curing time could lead to the camera falling and becoming unusable.

Mounting your camera

  1. Affix the camera into the L-shaped mount provided. The camera has a threaded hole where you would normally attach a selfie stick. Use this to screw the mount to the camera.

  2. Our mounts are magnetic so once the camera is secure in the mount go ahead and place it on the metal washer on the top of your hard hat.

  3. Orient the camera such that the two lenses are at the front of the hard hat, but 'looking' sideways - one to the left and the other to the right as shown in the image below.

Correct Mounting of the Camera:

Note: If you need extra mounting supplies please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive with the desired quantities, the type of camera you have and your shipping address.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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