Please note you can disregard this article if we've shipped you a mounted hardhat.

How to Mount the Camera

  1. Take your hard hat and clean the surface where the sticky pad is going to be applied - this will be the highest central point of the hard hat.

  2. Take the sticky pad and stick the brown side down onto the highest, central point of the hard hat.

  3. Take the metal washer and place the slightly concave face onto the sticky pad. Pro-tip: We apply some glue to the washer to improve the adhesion between it and the sticky pad - we strongly recommend you do the same.

  4. Ideally the washer needs 24 hours to adhere to the sticky pad for 24 hours before attaching the mount and camera.

  5. Affix the camera into the mount provided and place onto the metal washer. The bottom of the mount is magnetic allowing you to attach and remove the camera easily. Pro-tip: when adjusting or removing the camera it’s often easier to twist and slide the mount rather than pull it.

  6. Once the camera is secure in the mount you received, place the Insta360 on the hardhat with the camera lens facing forward. You are now able to start capturing!

Note: if you are applying the 3M sticky to your own hard hat please allow up to 72 hours for curing, as recommended by the manufacturer. Improper curing time could lead to the camera falling and becoming unusable.

Correct Mounting of the Camera:

Incorrect Mounting of your Camera:

Note: If you need extra mounting supplies please reach out to with the desired quantities, the type of camera you have and your shipping address.

Variation of Mounts

There are two mount options for the Insta360 ONE X camera: 1) The L Mount and 2) The Clamshell. No matter the mount, the lens should be facing forward on your hard hat.

Mount 1 - The L Mount:

Mount 2 - The Clamshell:

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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