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Getting Started with Project Groups (Beta)
Getting Started with Project Groups (Beta)
This article provides a brief overview to help you get started with Project Groups.
Written by Michaela Rhile
Updated over a week ago

The Project Groups Beta can be enabled for any paid organization. To enable project groups, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Once Project Groups are enabled, when you navigate to your organization, you will first see the Project Groups landing page. When Project Groups are first enabled for your organization, all of your projects will be placed in a single group to start. This group will be named “[Org Name] projects”.

Creating a group

To create a new group click on the “+New group” button from the Project Groups Landing Page.

Moving a project to a group

Move a project to a group in that project’s settings. Use the dropdown selector to move the project.

Rename or delete a group

To rename or delete a group, click on the menu to the far right of the group name. Groups can only be deleted if they are empty. Groups with active or closed projects can not be deleted.


  1. Who can see groups?

    1. Permissions will still be managed at the project level, If a person is added to a project in Group A and a project in Group B, they will see both Group A and Group B. If a person is added only to a project in Group A, they will only see Group A.

  2. How can I move a closed project?

    1. Today, the best way to do this is to re-open the project, move the project from project settings, and then re-close the project.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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