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BIM+ Introduction
BIM+ Introduction
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What is OpenSpace BIM+?

OpenSpace BIM+ streamlines coordination by providing an intuitive, self-serve approach for field teams to view and navigate the project's BIM model and address questions on-site, reducing the money spent on VDC team resources.

With this package of 3D tools, model analysis is easy—quickly navigate to the right spot in your model with Saved Views and compare field conditions to design intent. When planning or sequencing, you can overlay BIM elements on your 360 images and verify work in place. And if you have a laser scanner on the project, pull in your point clouds too—all your data is in one place. Communicating clearly from the start by marking up images of actual conditions and the model with BIM Compare Field Notes makes BIM coordination easier than ever. Plus, just click a few buttons to view which models you want, the way you want. OpenSpace BIM+ is very user friendly:

  • Use it on your mobile device

  • Update captures and models frequently and easily

  • Work in one place, connected to field conditions, for more efficient coordination

To learn more about OpenSpace BIM+, check out our free online courses in OpenSpace Academy.

How do I get OpenSpace BIM+?

Contact your Account Executive directly for pricing, request a demo, or reach out to and we’ll connect you with the right person.

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