What is Sheet Overlay?

The new Sheet Overlay feature in BIM Compare enables OpenSpace users to view the Sheet drawing they used to capture in OpenSpace "overlayed," as it were, on the aligned floor of their BIM model in OpenSpace. Drawings uploaded to OpenSpace often have annotations and notes that are not available on the BIM model. If the drawing you are using to do OpenSpace captures has door tags, room tags, dimensions, or any other annotated information, you can now view that information in BIM Compare.

Additionally, OpenSpace users who are not accustomed to using BIM regularly already benefit from OpenSpace when it comes to navigating through a model using BIM Compare. Sheet Overlay can help users connect the 3D information shown in BIM Compare to the 2D drawings they look at on site every day, and get the best of both worlds.

How do I get access to Sheet Overlay?

We have closed Early Access for Sheet Overlay. We will release this feature GA in late January or early February, 2023.

How do I use Sheet Overlay?

Once you have gained Early Access to Sheet Overlay through your Customer Success Manager, open BIM Compare on your OpenSpace project. You project must have drawings uploaded, a BIM model uploaded and aligned, and at least one capture on at least one floor. From BIM Compare, users can click the button on the right circled in the screenshot below:

The Sheet that is aligned to that location in the BIM becomes visible in the model. Users can navigate BIM Compare as normal, and the sheet will stay visible. If the user navigates to a different floor using the Pano/Capture side, the sheet for that new floor will be visible. If the user navigates to a different floor using the BIM side, only the sheet associated with the Pano/Capture will be visible on the BIM side.

To turn off the Sheet Overlay, user simply clicks the button and the sheet will disappear.


For those with access, see below to answer a couple of FAQs so far:

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at support@openspace.ai

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