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Self-Serve BIM to Sheet Alignment
Self-Serve BIM to Sheet Alignment

Align a model with a few clicks.

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BIM Sheet Alignment


All sites with an active OpenSpace BIM+ subscription have automatic access to self-serve BIM to sheet alignment. This user-friendly feature enables you to quickly align your OpenSpace sheets to your BIM coordinate space. If you have OpenSpace Capture, but do not have an OpenSpace BIM+ subscription, you can request access to this self-serve tool as a part of an open Beta, or purchase an OpenSpace BIM+ subscription. Note that for both OpenSpace Capture and OpenSpace BIM+, OpenSpace performs BIM alignment for all sheets that have at least one capture, meaning you’re not required to use self-serve BIM alignment in order to use BIM Compare.

How to Complete a Sheet Alignment

  1. Click into Project Settings and navigate to the last tab “BIM+.”

  2. Select “Align.”

  3. In the upper left corner select a floor to align from the dropdown.

  4. Select “Add point” to begin aligning the first pair (A) of points.

  5. In the left window pane double click to select a given point on the sheet.

    • TIP: You can start on the model side first if you prefer.

  6. Move over to the model and select that same point within the model.

  7. Once points A are selected, repeat steps 4-6 to select points B.

    • TIP: The alignment result will be best if you select points A and B as far apart from one another as possible.

  8. From the floor dropdown, verify the alignment was successfully completed: click the dropdown for floor name and next to the name a green “completed” icon will display.

  9. Zoom in and move around in the verify screen to check the X-Y plane alignment is accurate.

  10. *Optional*: To double check the sheet alignment, click on the sheet view and the corresponding point will display in the model.

  11. Click "Exit alignment “in the upper left corner.

  12. Navigate to the project view and open BIM Compare to adjust camera height.


I am seeing a yellow "Updated needed" label. What does this mean:

Answer: You'll see this warning if you have multiple models enabled on a project and this sheet was originally aligned prior to August 2022. For the best experience, you should use this tool to realign this sheet.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace Support team at

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