Once your capture has been published, you can view your data through the below steps:

  • Go to openspace.ai/sites
  • Select your login method. If your organization uses Procore or Plangrid, you can authenticate by clicking on the "Login with [Procore/Plangrid]" button. Otherwise, click "Don't remember your password?" to get a unique password reset link sent to your inbox.
  • Select a floorplan to view: Once you find the floor you want to view, you can navigate via the floorplan in the top right corner OR by clicking on the blue circles in the image itself to move throughout the site. You can also click on the date in the bottom middle to pop out a calendar and view captures on different dates. 

For more on navigating in OpenSpace, check out the next article in the series.


When I click on my project, I just see a black screen.

Have you taken a capture yet? Your project will show as a black screen and the floorplan will not be visible until you've uploaded your first project. For more on uploading

I just uploaded my capture and I still don't see anything yet. Where's my data?

Once uploaded, captures are typically published overnight (and frequently much faster than that). Publishing may be delayed if you take a capture in a way that isn't supported. Current unsupported capture types are:

  • Changing floors without starting a new capture on the new floor
  • Starting a capture via the switch on the side of the Garmin VIRB 360

Can I view my captures on my mobile device?

Yes! Click on your OpenSpace app on your mobile device, then click on the project photo to use the mobile viewer (as in below):

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