Conducting a virtual jobsite walk and notice something off? Took a note in the field while doing a capture and want to log an observation in Procore? Take all of your automatically localized progress photo documentation, and send it over to Procore's photo library.

With our Procore integration, you can automatically export 360 images from OpenSpace to Procore. Once the photos are in Procore, you can use them to build observations, clarify RFIs or add it to your punch-list.

Sign in via Procore:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Login via Procore”

Link your OpenSpace project to your Procore project:

  1. Once your integration flag has been enabled on our end, click on the Procore icon on the right-hand side. Please note that Procore Admin-level permissions are required.
  2. Click “Next” when the pop-up box asks you to link the project to Procore 
  3. Select which organization in Procore to link to.
  4. Select the project in Procore you would like to link your OpenSpace project to.

Export your 360 photos from OpenSpace into Procore

  1. Now that your project is linked, you can start exporting photos. Click on the Procore icon on the right-hand side
  2. That’s it! The 360 photo you’re looking at will automatically export to the OpenSpace photo album in Procore. You can click the link in the dialogue box to be taken to view it in Procore.

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