1. Make your jobsite capture ready with proper lighting. All cameras like to take pictures in good lighting; when they are in dark areas and/or moving quickly (or both), images quality goes down. Cameras are not quite as good as human eyes yet!  That said, jobsites with OSHA level lighting generally yield nice images in OpenSpace, and we can recommend lighting systems that achieve that - most modern LED task lighting meets OSHA requirements. However, if you are getting blurry pictures, there are a few easy remedies: First, in small spaces, a hardhat light like the Illumagear helps a lot. Second, pausing or walking a little more slowly does wonders! Finally, there are a host of computer vision based techniques in our platform that improve the quality of the images from what is in the raw video automatically. We have experience with these techniques, and we have more in the pipeline - image quality will improve over time in our software.

  2. For your first capture, we recommend taking a short walk and capturing only one floor. This will allow you to check out the capture quality and make any adjustments to the lighting using the above tips.

  3. Use the provided mount on top of your hardhat for the best quality captures. If you’ve supplied your own camera, we’re happy to mail a mount to you directly.

  4. Your captures will typically be published within a few hours. Frequently, they are published much sooner! Processing time will increase if there is a user error with the capture like changing floors within the same capture or starting the capture via the switch on the side.

  5. Depending on the rate of construction at your job, we recommend a capture frequency between once a week and three times a week. We have many customers who capture almost every business day!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at support@openspace.ai

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