Having an idea of how to best walk a site will help you get the most from OpenSpace. Below are examples of what makes a poor versus great capture walk. Something to note, it helps to walk a similar path each time, especially if you are planning to use the OpenSpace 'Split View' feature to compare the same location on different dates. Your path does not need to be exact, so don't feel the need to have each step be in the same spot. Also it is not always necessary and feel free to veer off path, or adjust your walk as needed. As long as you are on the correct floor plan on OpenSpace, you can walk where needed!

Three things to note when walking with your OpenSpace Camera:

  1. Walk at a leisurely pace, and slow down or pause for a second in areas where you would like more detail from your OpenSpace images.
  2. Make sure you are on the correct floor plan. Pause and start your capture as you move between levels to switch floor plans.
  3. This is a passive capture experience! The below are only suggestions of making the most of your site-walk and OpenSpace. Adjust accordingly.

This is an example of a poor site walk. Only a portion of the floor plan is covered.

The below capture is an improvement but is still not taking full advantage of the space, with certain sections being left out.

An ideal capture walk, like the one below, will cover the entire area in detail.


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