Walking the Project Site with OpenSpace
Best Practices for Walking the Site
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To get the most out of OpenSpace you should first have an idea of the best way to walk a site. Below are some examples of what makes a great capture walk versus a poor one.

It should be noted, right off the bat, that you are not required to take the same walk path for every capture - you are able to capture as much or as little of the site as you want with each capture you take. Our machine vision AI will be able to handle any walk path you take, as long as it is within the current floor plans, and process them accordingly. That being said, it will benefit you to have a predetermined walk path. A predetermined walk path will ensure that you have covered everything you want covered, and that you have not missed any rooms or areas. Using a similar walk path between site visits will also be extremely useful when using our Split View feature later on when you have more captures.

Some things to note when performing a capture with your OpenSpace Camera:

  1. Make sure you are on the correct floor plan. End your capture and start a new one as you move between levels. (Halfway up/down stairs can be a great spot to make the switch).

  2. Walk at a leisurely pace. Slow down. Keep your walking pace to around 3 mph, or an easy Sunday stroll. We also recommend pausing for 1-3 seconds in each room, or in areas where you would like a clearer image.

  3. Don't be a bobble-head. You don't need to walk like you have a book on your head, but you are also wearing a 360 camera! The camera will capture up, down, left, right, in front of and behind you, and everywhere in between. Don't feel like you need to look all around you as you capture your site because the camera will already be picking up every angle for you. And moving your head constantly will likely lead to blurry images in your capture.

  4. This is a passive capture experience! The below are only suggestions of making the most of your site-walk and OpenSpace. Adjust accordingly - but keep in mind that you will only have data for areas that were captured!

This is an example of a poor site walk. Only a portion of the floor plan is covered and progress will be missed on much of the floor.

The below capture is an improvement but is still not taking full advantage of the space as certain sections are still being left out.

An ideal capture walk, like the one below, will cover the entire area in detail. This will leave a great record of all the progress in each room and area of the floor. It also gives you great options for locations to do a Split View later on!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at support@openspace.ai

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