Field Notes is now available on the web! 

With Field Notes, you can take a note - text, voice, or a photo - with your mobile phone while you are doing an OpenSpace walk. That note will then automatically appear at the time and location you took it in the OpenSpace capture. This allows you to add detailed image and other context to your walks, which you can then use in your workflows - punch items, observations, RFI data, and so on.

Using Field Notes, project team members can do other QA/QC and safety activities like capturing high-resolution photos on their smartphone and those photos can be annotated, intelligently tied to the Google streetview-like walk, geolocated and properly oriented.

Please note that this article shows how to use field notes on web only - for a tutorial on taking field notes in the OpenSpace mobile app, click here

View Field Notes:

  • From, click on your project. Click "View Site" to go to your captures.
  • Click on the "Field Notes" icon in the top lefthand corner to pop out the field notes tray.
  • All field notes created within your project will show up here. Type in the "Search Field Notes" box to run a full text search on them, or click on the arrow to reorder them by date. Hover over a field note to click on "Travel to Note" to view that note's location within your capture, or "View Image" to see a full size version of the photo. Clicking on the text box will open the text area.

Create Field Notes

  •  From the bottom right toolbar, click on the Field Note sticky. Then drop the Field Note into the capture at the relevant location.
  • Once you've created a Field Note, you can add text and images. The Field Note will show up as a sticky right where you left it.

Share Direct Link to a Field Note

  • Click on the three dots on the Field Note itself, then click Share Link. This link will take the recipient directly to that Field Note in the current project.

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