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April 2023


  • Some tweaks to the BIM Compare experience that should improve lagging issues for newly-uploaded models and general usability for all models.


  • Saved Views in BIM Compare Beta now available! Contact your Customer Success Manager to enroll.

March 2023


  • Camera Integrations: OneRS 1-inch and X3 - OpenSpace now supports the capture processing through Insta360 OneRS1-inch and X3 cameras with the new mobile and Desktop sync app.

February 2023


  • QuickConnect - [Mobile]

    • We have released an incredibly fast and easy way to connect Insta, Ricoh, and Garmin cameras to your phone on our app. The previously cumbersome process (with switching wifi sources and entering long passcodes is now replaced with a sleek and streamlined wizard.

  • Capture Heatmap - [Mobile]

    • Before starting a capture, you will now see a blue gradient overlay on the floorplan that shows which areas have been captured previously and at what frequency to help plan your capture path.

  • Upgraded Field Note list - [Mobile]

    • An upgraded field note list that includes a list view, a gallery grid view, and a search functionality to help you find field notes faster on mobile.


January 2023


  • We have upgraded our search functionality for Field Note watchers so you can find who you're looking for not just by their email, but also their name and job title! Give it a try - type in any of the three and watch the magic happen.

December 2022


  • Closed status for Field Notes is now live for all users! We have added a new, specialized 'Closed' status for Field Notes that has a few new functionalities:

    • Hidden by default: When you mark a field note with a closed status, it will be hidden by default. There is an option in the Status filter to "Show closed" field notes if you'd like to see them.

    • Permissions: Only the field note creator, a site admin, or org admin can close a field note

    • Editing: A number of the fields in a field note become disabled for editing in a closed field note - re-open it to edit (anyone can re-open a field note).

November 2022


  • Shared with Me is a new central location to view all of your Shared Folders! You can find this page on the sidebar from an organization's Project List page. More details for how this page works in this article.


  • Admin Reports are now available to all Org Admins in standard, capped, and enterprise org types. Admin Reports include four unique reports so that Org Admins can easily understand how OpenSpace is being adopted across their organization, identify champions, and quickly correct lapses in capture cadence to ensure data quality. Additionally, the data is easy to export, so many Beta customers are already using Admin Reports to more easily showcase OpenSpace value and ROI to key stakeholders and clients. This article gives a quick overview of the feature.



  • Sheet Overlay feature in BIM Compare, available Early Access. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get access.


  • "Verify" alignment update to our self-serve BIM Alignment tool, which gives Org Admins and Site Admins more control over BIM alignment in OpenSpace. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

October 2022


  • Procore Integration [Beta] - New Punch List is now available for a limited set of customers , giving users an ability to Integrate Punch Lists into Procore from OpenSpace. You can also Integrate to an existing list of Punch Lists. To enable this feature, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Here is Support Article for reference


  • UI updates to our self-serve BIM Alignment tool, which gives Org Admins and Site Admins more control over BIM alignment in OpenSpace. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


  • We released Field Note reporting to all of our customers on the Admin Reporting Beta. Field Note reports will allow Org Admins to quickly analyze all of the Field Notes created within their organization, to understand usage and adoption, and to identify trends on specific projects or across many projects.


  • URLs within Field Note descriptions and comments are now clickable

September 2022


Accepting a limited number of Beta customers for a (new) self-serve BIM Alignment tool, to give Org Admins and Site Admins more control over BIM alignment in OpenSpace. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Open up BIM Compare in OpenSpace and check out the bottom right corner of the BIM Viewer to see the date that the model was uploaded. In a hover state, you can also see the time and date that the model was uploaded, and the email address of the user who uploaded the model.

August 2022


Site and Org Admins - head to the BIM tab in Project Settings to see the same new information shown in BIM Compare, along with some additional information about BIM alignment:

  • Timestamp: the date and time that the model was uploaded.

  • Uploader: the email address for the user who uploaded the model.

  • Alignment: the number of Floors (AKA Sheets) in your project that are aligned to the model. Note that only Floors with Captures get aligned to models.


Released project groups, allowing customers to organize OpenSpace projects into groups within an Org. This feature is currently available to a limited group of Beta customers.

July 2022


Released breadcrumb navigation, making it easier to navigate between projects within an organization.

June 2022


BETA: Integrated the BIM viewer with progress tracking sheet view so that designs could be compared to progress. Contact to enable this feature on your OpenSpace Track project.

May 2022


New Procore app for non-US customers:

This release includes the ability to embed the OpenSpace app in Procore on non-US servers as well as the ability to export individual Field Notes and images to a Procore project.


After your first BIM upload and alignment, as soon as your updated models are uploaded and processed, customers will see instant alignment. Now your team can compare your new designs against the work-in-place right away.

Note that if your model geometry or coordinate system has significant changes, instant alignment may not apply. If you experience any delay with your instant alignment, please reach out to our support team


Mobile app version v5.0

  • New organization and project menus.

  • Improved Field Note zoom.

  • "Pull to refresh" data on organization list, project list, and project homes.


Large, multipage PDF upload support

April 2022


Improvements to Shared Folders.


  • Improvements to OpenSpace Track progress tracking to enable faster set up for new progress tracking projects.

  • Released Door Tracking, OpenSpace Track progress tracking can now track Door Frames & Panels.


Field note bug fixes.


Improved onboarding experience for first time users being added to multiple projects at once.


Changed to international date format throughout the OpenSpace web application.


Added pagination to BIM360 Field Note Integration, users can now quickly find and link the right issues when linking field notes to BIM360 Field.

March 2022


Released fix for bug causing errors when opening field notes.

Updated "User Management" tab to "Team Management."


Improved BIM Model upload error messaging.


Restricted access to reactivating completed and archived sites to site admins and org admins.


Improved field note watchlist emails by removing large attachments and replacing them with direct links.


Improved user management table interactions.


Added Spanish language translations to OpenSpace web application.

February 2022


Field Notes improvements, full Field Note descriptions included in Field Note Reports.

January 2022


Added and/or toggle to Field Note list filter.


Released improvements to OpenSpace Track CSV Export.

December 2021



OS Basic customers can now request an upgrade on mobile.


Released improvements to Desktop Sync app.

November 2021


Concrete tracker for OpenSpace Track can now track concrete pours for slabs, footings, columns and walls.


OpenSpace Track overview table now displays percent complete by default.


OpenSpace Track sheet view snaps to identified materials on the sheet.


  • Improved sheet resolution on sheets used for navigation.

  • Field Notes list is now accessible on mobile even if no captures exist.

October 2021


OpenSpace has been translated into Japanese and Chinese.


OpenSpace Basic web account creation launched.


Face blurring is now enabled by default based on region/server.

September 2021


Progress tracking productivity chart hover state now includes sheet name


Face Blurring now available for 360° Photos.

August 2021


Launched support for 360 video captures on the Ricoh Theta Z1


Fix to allow customers to view field notes even if there are no captures


Launched OS Basic


Improvements to progress tracking navigation


Improvements for email notifications


User management project search improvements

July 2021


Field Notes V3 launched!


Unobserved trackers are now included with the "Show Not Started" feature in the Details view of Progress Tracking.


Fixed BIM 360 integration issue related to data filtering.


Org admins can now promote other members to org admin.

June 2021


Shared folders - Shared folder names are now required.


User management tool - Org admins can now edit the full name and job title of members.


User management tool - The list of projects and shared folders is now collapsible.


Partial drywall fix for Progress Tracking


Autosuggest email addresses once they’ve been added to one project - Adding users just got a lot faster. Copy and paste all of your users to invite them at once. Adding a user to any project will make sure they’re autosuggested (e.g. if you start typing in “Jes”, an autofill of jessica@openspace will show up).

Field note report improvements


Field note mobile list - View all of your field notes on your mobile browser. Open the mobile app, click "View Site" to view your captures, and then click on the field notes button on the bottom righthand corner to open the field note mobile list.

Fixed splitscreen location bug.


Mobile and web:

Creators of field notes are now automatically added to the email alert list.

May 2021


iOS and Android mobile app:

Viewers are now able to login to the mobile app and view the project/captures. Previously, this was limited to only users with editor-level permission and above


User management tool - Users can now search project names when filtering by project, as well as search by project when adding an individual user to a new project on the right-hand detail card.

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