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Field Notes FAQ
Field Notes FAQ

Field Notes Frequently Asked Questions

Updated over a week ago

What are they?

Field Notes capture information about your project. They are also the tool that hold and organize 2D photos in OpenSpace.

What do they contain?

Every Field Note includes a 2D photo, a location, a unique ID, and the date it was created.

They can also have a description, tags, a status, and an email alerts list.

How do I make them?

  • Field Notes during 360 Video Captures

    • The best way to take Field Notes. If you take your Field Notes while doing a 360 Video, the Field Notes will be automatically pinned to your Sheet in the right location (and facing the right direction)!

  • Field Notes in the Field

    • You can take Field Notes any time you are in the field with your mobile device. Unlike Field Notes taken during a 360 Video, these need to be manually pinned to your Sheets.

  • Add a Field Note into your published capture from OpenSpace Web. Like Field Notes during 360 Video Captures, these Field Notes will be automatically pinned to the sheet at the 360 image you create them from.

What can I do with them?

Field Notes are used for progress photos, quality control, safety, Punch List, and more. Photos help with every aspect of project management - Field Notes, with their automatic location and time information, help even more.

  • To relocate a Field Note that is pinned to the incorrect location in your capture.

  • Field Notes are the main offline deliverable for OpenSpace. You can download them in PDF format - either one at a time, or up to 500 in a packaged report.

  • Quickly find relevant Field Notes.

No matter what you do with your Field Notes, they're a fantastic way to organize 2D photos of your jobsite.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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