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Field Notes: Closing Field Notes
Field Notes: Closing Field Notes
Now you can close out Field Notes that are no longer needed in an active state
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Closing Field Notes


Reopening Field Notes

*Users have to be an org admin, a site admin, or the field note creator to have access to this feature. For all other users, there is a tooltip that informs the users that they’re unable to close out an issue if they’re not an admin or the original field note creator.

**All users, regardless of permission level, are able to re-open the field note by selecting any status other than ‘Closed’ within the ‘Status’ field.

The new ‘Closed’ status feature allows select users to ‘close out’ a field note. ‘Close out’ in this case means that the field note will no longer be editable by all users and will be hidden from both the capture view and the Field Note list.

Users have the option of selecting ‘Closed’ from the status drop down menu when opening an individual field note. Selecting ‘Closed’ from the drop down menu will set the ‘Status’ field to ‘Closed’. When this happens, all fields and ability to edit the field note will be disabled except for the following:

Features still enabled when closed:

  • Add comments

  • Add attachments

  • Export to BIM 360, Procore, PlanGrid

  • View note in 360° view

  • Download PDF

  • Share link

  • Move field note’s location

  • Delete field note

Closed field notes are also automatically hidden from the capture view. To show these hidden field notes, users are able to filter field notes from two locations: the Field Note List filter and the Pano View filter.


A big change to searching and filtering for field notes is that all field notes with a ‘Closed’ status are hidden by default automatically. This means that field notes will not, by default, appear in the Field Note List, capture, or mini-map. To view these closed field notes, users will need to actively filter for them.

Users are able to filter for these field notes either in the capture itself with the Filter Note List filter or the Pano View filter.

Field Note List Filter

By default, the Field Note List will show all Field Notes except for ‘Show closed’. Checking ‘Show closed’ will show closed field notes in addition to what’s shown on default. Essentially, checking ‘Show closed’ will grow the list. Checking ‘Select all’ will not select ‘Show closed’.

Pano View Filter

Closed field notes are automatically hidden and will not appear on the capture or in the mini-map. To view closed field notes, users will need to select ‘Show closed’ on the pano view filter.

Closed Field Note Icon

If ‘Show closed’ is selected, and the project contains closed field notes, the field notes will appear with a different icon on both the capture and the mini-map.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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