Shared Folders

They let specific people see specific information

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**You must have Site Administrator to create and invite people to Shared Folders of a project.**

Shared Folders are located on the left side of your screen under the Captures list, and are a great tool for sharing a set of captures* with specific people. If there are captures that only a few people need to see you can create a shared folder to add these captures to.

*At this time 3D Scans are not supported in shared folders

You can also create Public Links for Shared Folders. With this active, anyone can view the content of your Shared Folder without needing to log in.

After selecting the 'Shared Folders' icon, you can create and name a New Shared Folder.

Once you have your folders created you can add captures to these Shared Folders in two ways. The first way is by going into the Captures list, and on the top right of each capture will be a folder with an arrow, selecting this icon will give you the option to choose which folder you wish to copy the capture into.

The second way to add a capture to a Shared Folder is by selecting the right-arrow in the top center of your screen, and choosing 'Copy Location to Folder'. Selecting this will copy your current location to the shared folder of your choice. By doing this second option, this capture will only be viewable on a 360° swivel.

To add people to a Shared Folder, select the three dots in the top right, then Edit Members. From here you can add the email of the people you want in the folder. Or once in the folder you can select Edit Members from the upper right-hand side. You can also delete the folder as well from here if needed by selecting the.

***Inviting someone directly to a shared folder, if they do not already have an account on OpenSpace, means they will only have access to that folder and the captures within!

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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