OpenSpace Features Glossary

See what icons represent and the function of each feature

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When viewing your captures you will notice on your screen the different features in OpenSpace. Below we highlight what these icons represent and the function of each feature.

Captures- this is where all the captures you and your team have taken are located. The most recent capture will always show first. You have the option to name captures (i.e. Pre-Pour Concrete). Each capture will automatically have the level and date included with it. There is a search bar at the top which you can now use to quickly pull up captures.

Shared Folders- OpenSpace lets you create and name shared folders. You can then add captures and invite relevant people to these folders. For example if you are working on a certain level or room with a team, create a folder called 'Level 3 - Room 310', and add all captures of this room to the folder. This makes it simpler and quicker to navigate 

Field Notes- Field Notes are a powerful tool that allow you to add an image and note which will automatically pin anywhere on a floor plan. As you are walking through your site with the 360° camera, select the 'Add Field Notes' option on the OpenSpace app.

Copy Current Location to a Shared Folder- One of two options to add a capture to a shared folder, where the location you are currently viewing gets copied and added to your shared folders. Something to note, that using this function means the person will be able to rotate 360° (like they're on a swivel) but unable to navigate through different locations.

Create a Field Note- If you want to add a Field Note after your site walk, you can 'Create a Field Note' by selecting this feature and clicking where you would like the note on your capture. 

Download Auto Report- Download a report of the field notes you have taken based on dates and levels.

Export to Procore- Use this feature to link OpenSpace projects to Procore. Learn more on the OpenSpace & Procore integration here: 

Share Link- Creates and allows you to share a link of your current location with other members of OpenSpace where they can navigate around a capture after clicking. *Note - this is not a public link! We can generate a public link if needed.

Download 360° Image- Download a 360° image of your current field of view. This is in JPG format.

Download PDF Report- Download a first person view of your current location. This includes extra data sets such as level, date, location on floor plan, and additional notes.

BIM Viewer- The BIM Viewer allows builders to view uploaded BIM models and captures side by side. To set up BIM compare follow these steps.

Split View- Located on the bottom right of your screen, Split View allows you to view two captures of the same location from different dates, side-by-side.

Add New Members- Selecting this icon gives you the option to add new members to the project.

Update Your Project Settings- From here you can adjust the settings of your project (address, name, etc.).

Insights- For projects with OpenSpace Track this icon will appear under the "Sheets". Navigate to OpenSpace Track by clicking on the Insights tab on the left-hand sidebar while on the Images or Sheets view. Once you have opened Insights, you can explore the Overview, Details, and Progress Chart tabs. You can read more about these here.

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