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Generate links for specific locations in a capture
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Generate Share Link

'Share Link' allows you to send a URL link of your current location in a capture to other members of the OpenSpace project.

Something to note, is that this is a private link and people viewing this do need to be members of OpenSpace to open. 

***We can generate a public link for you on our backend. Please reach out to to request a public link or adjust your Project Settings to allow for Public and Custom links.

To create a URL and share your current location, hover to the top of the capture and select the right pointing arrow in the middle, labeled 'Share'. From here select 'Share Link.'

 This will provide you with a URL that you can then copy and send to other member of OpenSpace.

People clicking this link will be taken to your current location which you shared, but will then have the ability to navigate around the capture.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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