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Getting Started with OpenSpace Track
Getting Started with OpenSpace Track
This article provides a brief overview to help you get started with OpenSpace Track Progress Tracking.
Written by Michael Amaya
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General Navigation

  • Navigate to OpenSpace Track by clicking on the Insights tab on the left-hand sidebar while on the Images or Sheets view.

  • Once you have opened Insights, you can explore the Overview, Details, and Progress Chart tabs. You can read more about these sections below.


  • To view the Overview table, click Overview on the left-hand sidebar.

  • The Overview table provides a quick way to see the progress of your overall project by Status, % Complete, or Quantities. You can also see the progress of each trade by floor to quickly identify which areas need your attention that day.

  • Scroll to the right to see additional trades and trackers.

  • Use the date picker to view the cumulative progress on any day that you captured.

  • Export a CSV of the current date to easily share data with project stakeholders or pull data into your analytics systems. For a CSV of all your data, use the export tool in the Progress Chart view.

  • Click into any cell to navigate to the Details view or to manually update a status or quantity.


  • To view progress details on a specific floor plan or sheet, click Details on the left-hand sidebar.

  • Select the sheet where you want to see progress.

  • On each sheet, the different colors indicate different elements that are being tracked. In this example, the blue tracing indicates areas where drywall has been hung and the brown tracing indicates where framing has been installed.

  • Each tracker card has information on quantity installed and percent complete based on those quantities. These percentages and quantities are based on your most recent drawing set.

  • For drywall, you can view partials by clicking on the partials drop down. Partials will only show if you have any tops or bottoms on the capture date you are viewing.

  • By default, the map will show the color of the most recent material completed. To look at the progress of another material, you can turn trackers on and off using the check marks next to the trackers’ name.

  • View your progress over time and job flow by selecting a different capture date.

  • View the 360° image of your progress by clicking on a highlighted annotation.

  • Click “Show capture track” to see the walk path on the date you selected. You can also view the 360° images by clicking on the green circles along the walk path. This allows you to view rooms and regions in multiple images and from different perspectives.

  • Instantly identify areas that have been left out by clicking the “Show not started” toggle.

  • To view different trades and trackers use the tracker type dropdown on the right side of the action bar.

  • Click “Show dollhouse” to turn on the dollhouse feature. To navigate in the dollhouse view, right click your mouse and drag to pan or left click your mouse and drag to orbit.

Progress Chart

  • Click the Progress Chart on the left-hand sidebar to see progress for all your captures over time.

  • Select a tracker to get started.

  • As a default, the progress charts will display progress on all sheets. You can choose to view just one individual sheet or to compare across multiple sheets.

  • The top progress chart shows the additional quantity installed on each sheet since the last capture.

  • The bottom progress chart shows the % complete achieved for each capture date.

  • Hover your cursor over the graphs to see the specific quantities and percentages on those capture dates.

  • Hover over the sheets in the right-hand side bar to focus on a specific sheet.

  • View more progress information about a specific sheet by expanding the sheet tile in the right-hand side bar.

  • Discover insights on the right-hand side of the progress charts

    • Total quantity installed is how much total material has been installed in the current date range.

    • Detected start date is the first date that our model detected a material being installed on your site.

    • Estimated completion date is when our model estimates your completion based on the weekly installation rate for the tracker.

    • Average installation rate is the average amount of material installed each week for the current date range.

  • Use the date picker to drill in on progress for a specific month or timeframe. Focus on a specific date range by adjusting the timeframe. Your insights will reflect the timeframe selected.

  • Export a CSV with all progress data for all of your captures to easily share information with project stakeholders or pull data into your analytics systems. The CSV export will include data from all of your trackers. Selected date ranges and sheet selections will apply to the CSV export.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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