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Track Schedule Analytics
How to upload schedule dates to OpenSpace Track and understand how progress tracking can be compared to your baseline schedule.
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Getting Started

Add Schedule Data

  • Where to upload schedule data:

    • Navigate to project settings, for project sites with Track Schedule enabled, a “Track Schedule” settings tab will appear. This tab will be used to upload and update schedule data.

Note, only users who have Site Admin or Org Admin level permissions will have access to project settings.

  • Schedule Upload Steps:

    1. Navigate to the Track tab within project settings.

    2. Download your Track .csv template.

      • The .csv is automatically populated with all active sheets and trackers for the selected project. Only trackers with published geometries will appear on the .csv.

    3. Write or paste the relevant start and end dates from your schedule into the .csv template, save when complete.

      • Note, dates must be formatted as “YYYY-MM-DD” or “MM-DD-YYYY”

    4. Navigate back to the Track Schedule settings tab, drag and drop the saved .csv file into the “Upload Completed CSV File” box or click the link within the box and select the file.

    5. If everything is formatted correctly, a popup will appear saying your schedule has been uploaded successfully. If there is an error with the upload, the popup will inform you which row has an error and what that error is. Depending on the nature of the error, you may be asked to contact

Edit/Update Schedule

  • Schedule dates can be changed at any time simply by changing the dates in your .csv template and re-uploading the file.

  • If you’ve lost your original template, or have added additional sheets or trackers to the project, you can download another .csv template which will feature all current dates currently within Track as well as any additional sheets or trackers that you have added.

View Schedule Analytics

Track Schedule Insights are delivered in the existing Track dashboards, specifically the Insights - Overview table and Progress Chart.

Insights - Overview Table

  • The percent complete view now overlays scheduled vs. observed percent complete and color codes progress bars based on schedule status. The black tic mark represents the expected or scheduled % complete based on scheduled start & end dates.

  • Each bullet in the “Tracking Status” column displays which trackers are at each schedule status (Ahead or Complete, Behind < 20%, Behind > 20%, Not Started, No Schedule) when hovered over.

Insights - Progress Chart

  • The progress chart now chart scheduled progress % complete when a single tracker & sheet are selected. Scheduled percent complete is represented by strait black lines. The colored observed percent complete line represents work ahead of schedule when above the black schedule line and work behind schedule when below.

  • Added Stats - The sidebar now shows additional schedule data for all trackers, see below:

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