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How to take a 3D Scan
How to take a 3D Scan
Use the following steps to create your 3D Scan
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How to Take a Scan

  1. Open the OpenSpace iOS app on any Pro iOS device ( only Pro devices have the Lidar feature).

  2. On the project screen, scroll to the “3D SCAN” capture type and tap the Capture button.

  3. Tap your location on a floor plan just like you would with any other capture.

  4. Watch the video tutorial to see best practices for capturing.

  5. Start capturing from 1-3 meters or 3-10 feet away, and up to 13 feet or 4 meters.

  6. Scan in a paintbrush motion up and down, moving sideways at the end of a complete vertical stroke.

  7. While capturing, the app will warn you if you are moving too fast.

  8. After scanning, there is a point cloud based preview of your scan, please make sure you have captured what you need before uploading for processing.

  9. The uploaded model will be processed by our AI processing and you will get an email when it is available for viewing (usually less than 1 hour).

  10. Once available scans can be viewed and measured on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops.

Best Practices for Scanning

  1. Start in a place with wall edges if possible.

  2. Move your arms slowly up and down in a paintbrush motion, and slow down if the app is asking you to. Do not make any sudden changes in speed or direction.

  3. It’s okay to walk around while scanning, try not to walk and move your arms at the same time.

  4. Try not to scan the same area twice, this can lead to artifacts in the 3D model.

  5. Direct sunlight or strong reflections (e.g. a mirror) can interfere with scanning quality and should be avoided if possible.

  6. While the maximum scan range is approximately 4 meters or 13 feet, the ideal range is between 1 and 3 meters or 3 and 10 feet.

How to View a Scan and Take Measurements

  1. Your scan will be available in OpenSpace in usually less than an hour.

  2. Open a scan by clicking on a 3D Scan from a floorplan or from your capture list.

  3. Once the scan has loaded, navigate the scan by clicking and dragging to change your viewing angle, and scrolling down to move forward or up to move backward.

  4. To take a measurement, click on the ruler icon on the bottom right of the screen.

  5. This opens the measurement tool which you can use to click on various points in the scan to draw measurement lines.

  6. When finished, the tool displays the length of each line as well as a total length for all measurements taken.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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