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Upload BIM Model

We cannot align your BIM model to a floor plan until you have performed 360 Video captures, download the OpenSpace mobile app now and take your first 360 Video capture on the project.

Once 360 Video captures have been uploaded and published on your project, you can upload the model on the project to use BIM Compare.

The Steps:

  1. Log in to your local OpenSpace web server.

  2. Select the project and go to your Project Settings page.

  3. Go to the "Upload BIM" tab

  4. Upload your model!

We recommend uploading a single NWD (Navisworks Export) file that includes everything in your project - the coordinated model. The reason we recommend uploading the coordinated model is because only one model file can be added to each OpenSpace project.

3D model files under 1GB in size perform best in the Forge viewer. Graphic complexity is the biggest factor impacting Forge viewer performance, even for relatively small model files. If your model is having performance issues in the Forge viewer, or if you are experiencing issues uploading a model with large file size, eliminating unnecessary geometry can help reduce 3D model file size and complexity, which usually improves Forge viewer performance. Consider what is important to see in your model in OpenSpace, and remove unnecessary categories and/or elements, especially those that are complex, prior to uploading your model.

Saved Viewpoints in an NWD file will not be accessible in the BIM Viewer, so we recommend removing saved views before exporting the NWD file from Navisworks. The BIM Viewer is built as an integration with Autodesk's Forge Viewer API, so any file type compatible with their Forge Viewer is acceptable (NWD, RVT, FBX, Etc.). Click here for a definitive list of supported file formats from Autodesk's Forge Viewer API.

Please note - if you upload a new model to your OpenSpace project, and if your overall model geometry or coordinate system has not changed significantly, your new model should be aligned as soon as it is processed by our servers! If there are significant changes it will need to be re-aligned to your captures.

Lastly, a tip for Revit users: Our upload process does not allow a user to select a specific 3D view or phasing of a Revit model, so all geometry and all phases within the Revit model will be uploaded and visible in OpenSpace. We suggest creating a 3D view in Revit that only shows the geometry they want to see in OpenSpace visible, name it "OpenSpace Export" or similar, and export that view as an .NWC file to upload to OpenSpace. You will need to download and install the Autodesk Navisworks Add-in for Revit. That .NWC export will only contain the geometry visible in the 3D View that you have set up. For future uploads, in cases where your Revit file has been updated since the initial OpenSpace upload, continue to use the saved "OpenSpace Export" 3D View in Revit to export an updated model.

We also find that Rooms exported from Revit can impact performance, so when users export from Revit, we recommend un-checking the "Export room geometry" box in the Navisworks Options Editor (see screenshot below from Autodesk).

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at support@openspace.ai or by using the chat icon in the bottom right.

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