OpenSpace makes visual documentation 10x more efficient. Your team can now passively document all active construction during site walks and make these virtual walkthroughs available directly in your BIM 360 Project Home through Partner Card Integration


  • Select "Project Home Page" from the option for the destination. It will redirect user to the Project Dashboard -

  • Select "Customize" option on the right hand to Add a Partner Card to your library Dashboard -

  • Select "Card Library" to search for "OpenSpace" Card for Integrating it to your project -

  • Upon Adding the card, you will be able to configure the OpenSpace Project directly into your Project. Place your OpenSpace Project link into the "Configure Card" screen for maximum results and hit Save.

  • Upon Save, you will be able to customize placement of your cards and view the project within BIM360 -

  • You can now pin "Field Notes" directly within Autodesk Build, allowing you to also view OS Projects, Captures, High Resolution Images and Admin reports.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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