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The Subscription Portal is a new feature that we have built into the product where Organizations will be able to see how much ACV (Annual Construction Volume) they purchased, and how much is still available in the given license period. Additionally, when customers create a new project, they will be able to see how much of their total capacity it will use.





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Which Organizations have access to the subscription portal?

Today the subscription portal is only available to select customers who have Multi Project Subscriptions.

Navigating to the Subscription Portal

  • Step 1: Navigate to Admin Reports from the project landing page by first clicking on the “Admin” section

  • Step 2: Next click on the “Subscription” section. This will take you to the Subscription Portal

Creating Projects in Subscription Orgs

When customers create a new project in Subscription Orgs we will ask for the following information: Project Start Date, Project End Date, and Total Project Contract Value.

You can create a project by clicking the “+ New project” button from the project landing page org from the Subscription Portal.

Understanding your Subscription Capacity

In the Subscription Portal, we show how much total capacity your organization has purchased, and how much capacity has been used up by projects that your team has created.

Your total purchased capacity is based on how much ACV capacity your company purchased. Your used capacity is calculated based on the projects that were created on this license. Your remaining capacity is calculated based on your used capacity and your purchased capacity.


  1. Why don’t all projects in the subscription portal have values?

    • All projects created before the release of this portal will not display any values in the portal. To have these values updated, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

  2. If my project already started, what dates and values should I enter when creating a project?

    • In this case, you should still input information for the whole project, and we will do the calculations for you to figure out how much capacity of your current license this project will use.

  3. I have a multi-year license, can I see all years in the subscription portal?

    • If you purchased a multi-year license, the subscription portal will only show the calculations for your current license term. For example, if you bought a $100M ACV license for 2 years, and you are still in the first year of your license, then the portal will only show the $100M ACV you purchased for year 1.

  4. What happens if I use up all my capacity?

    • If you use up all of your subscription capacity, a member of our team will reach out to you about purchasing additional capacity. In the interim, we will still allow you to create projects.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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