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BCF export w/ XYZ coordinates
BCF export w/ XYZ coordinates

Ability to export multiple Field Notes to a BCF File for import into Revizto and other BIM coordination tools as an Issue.

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You can export one or multiple Field Notes from OpenSpace to a BCF file and then import them as issues into any BIM coordination solution that accepts BCF format. After importing, you’ll then be able to access your Field Notes directly from your BIM program, including all associated data as well as 3D coordinates (so that your imported data lives in the correct XYZ location).

How to use this feature

When logged into OpenSpace, navigate to a project, open the Field Notes side pullout from the left side menu, select the Field Notes you want to export in BCF format, and click the “Export” dropdown. Name the export and click “Submit.”

The BCF zip will be emailed to the logged-in email:

Click the “View BCF” button in the email to download the file:

Now you can import the Field Notes in BCF format to your BIM tool of choice.


  1. What fields from Field Notes are included in the BCF file? The following fields are include in your file:

    1. XYZ location in BIM coordinate space

    2. Image

    3. Description

    4. Created date

    5. Creator

    6. Due date

    7. Priority


    9. Status (Default or Custom)

    10. Tags

  2. Does adding the XYZ coordinate information in the export require a BIM to be uploaded to the OpenSpace Project?

    1. Yes; the BIM must have been uploaded to the OpenSpace project, and the sheet containing the Field Note must have been aligned to the BIM in order for the BIM XYZ coordinate information to be exported.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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