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Create Zones on your sheets to match the areas, sectors, or units/rooms of your project.

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All Field Notes are automatically tagged with the Zone they’re in so you can easily filter, report, and keep a detailed eye on progress. Site and Org admins can create, edit, and delete Zones for a project in the “Zones” tab in Project Settings. Any time a Zone is created or updated, OpenSpace automatically reanalyzes all Field Notes to make sure they’re properly tagged with the new Zones layout. Note that you can have overlapping Zones, meaning a Field Note can exist in two Zones, and can be filtered by either/both Zones.

Creating Zones

  • Access Project Settings and click the “Zones” tab.

  • Click the “Add zone” button to create a new Zone.

  • Select the sheet.

  • Click “Add zone.”

  • Give the Zone a name using the name field.

  • Create a Zone on the sheet.

  • Using rectangle mode:

    • Click and drag to draw a rectangle.

    • If you move the cursor close to an existing point on another Zone, the point under the cursor “snaps” to the nearby Zone.

      • New points will not snap to the points of a hidden Zone.

    • If you’re dissatisfied with your initial rectangle, you can draw another rectangle which will replace the first one.

  • Using polygon mode:

    • You can place points anywhere on the sheet.

    • All points can “snap” to other points in existing polygons.

      • New points will not snap to the points of a hidden Zone.

    • To exit/save the current shape, you have several options:

      • Double-click to place a final point and exit “create mode.”

      • Right-click to place a final point and exit “create mode.”

      • Press “escape” to cancel the current placement.

      • Press “enter or return” to place the current point and save the polygon.

  • Click the Save icon next to the Zone name.

Notes to Keep in Mind

  • When creating new Zones, follow the below criteria:

    • Use a unique name.

    • The name must not be empty.

    • Your shape must have three or more points.

    • Your shape cannot have crossing lines.

  • You can create Zones within other Zones.

  • Switching between “polygon” and “rectangle” mode resets the current shape.

Viewing Zones

  • Navigate to Project Settings and click the “Zones” tab.

  • You can see existing Zones in a list on the left as well as overlaid on the sheet image.

  • Hovering over a row in the list highlights the corresponding Zone geometry.

  • Clicking on a row in the list focuses the viewport around the corresponding Zone geometry.

  • Use the “eye” icon to toggle Zone visibility on and off.

Navigating the Sheet


  • Click and drag to pan (move the sheet left/right/up/down).


  • You have several options for zooming:

    • Scroll the middle mouse button.

    • Two-finger scroll with a trackpad.

    • Right-click and drag up or down.

Updating Zones

  • Navigate to Project Settings and click the “Zones” tab.

  • To update an existing Zone, click the “edit” pencil icon next to the Zone name, or click on the Zone shape.

  • In “edit mode,” you can rename the Zone or update its shape.

  • You can update a Zone’s shape by dragging an existing point to a new location or by clicking on a midpoint to insert a new point between two existing ones.

  • When you’re done editing the Zone, press “enter or return” to save the changes, or click the “save” button.

  • To cancel the current edit, press “escape” or hit the “cancel” button.

Deleting Zones

  • Navigate to Project Settings and click the “Zones” tab.

  • To delete a Zone, press the “delete” icon next to the Zone name.

    • You’ll see a confirmation dialog with the Zone and the number of Field Notes within that Zone.

  • If you choose to proceed, the Zone will be deleted.


Can I create or adjust Field Notes Zones while out in the field using the OpenSpace mobile app?

No, OpenSpace Admins must create, update, and delete Zones through OpenSpace on desktop. (Note that any additions or changes you make to Zones will automatically apply to all existing Field Notes.)

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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