Please note that you can also upload captures directly from your phone, in addition to the instructions below for desktop upload. Many users find mobile upload more convenient - instructions here. If you have many captures to upload, captures longer than 10 minutes, or have spotty cell coverage please upload via the computer.

Step 1:
Download the OpenSpace Sync app for your region.

*Tip*: If you're unsure of your region, you can find this information by looking at the start of the URL you use to log into the OpenSpace web app:

US & Other Desktop Sync App -

EU Desktop Sync App -

AUS Desktop Sync App -

UK Desktop Sync App -

Step 2:
While the OpenSpace Sync app is open, plug your camera into your computer via the USB cable. Turn the camera on. The files should automatically start getting uploaded. The tray looks like this:

Step 3:
That's it! Once the progress bar completes, we've received all of your files and are processing your captures. You can typically expect your captures to be published within a couple of hours.

**Note for Insta360 users, the camera will not mount if the USB port has a battery icon next to it! Please use another port if this is the case.**

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at or by using the chat icon in the bottom right.

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