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Uploading your 360 Video capture - Mobile Upload
Uploading your 360 Video capture - Mobile Upload
How To Upload Captures With Your Mobile Device
Written by Michael Amaya
Updated over a week ago

To access this feature, you must update to the most recent version of the mobile app. For iPhone users downloading and/or updating the app would be via the App Store. For Android users downloading and/or updating the app would be via the Google Play store.

Please note if you have done a lot of captures on multiple floors, have a lot of data to upload (long walk times), have a poor mobile data connection, or for any other reason, that you can always upload your captures via the traditional method of plugging the camera into your computer and using the Desktop Sync App.

Step 1 - Stop Recording

Press the red "Stop" located in the top right of the app once you are done with your capture.

Step 2 - Tap "Upload Video"

This will now sync your capture to OpenSpace through your mobile device.

Note: If you have another floor or floors you would like to capture before uploading, you can tap "Add Another 360 Video". Once all captures are taken, you can access them to start the upload process by tapping "My Recent 360 Videos" on the home page.

Step 3 - Select Your Capture(s)

You'll be able to select 1 or multiple captures you would like to upload your capture by taping on the check box in the top right corner of the capture.

Step 4 - Tap "Upload (x) Selected Video(s)"

This will start the transfer process, moving the capture from the camera to your device.

Note: To make this step faster you can go into the OpenSpace mobile app settings and turn on Auto Transfer. After you do this, your 360 videos will automatically transfer to your phone after you take a capture.

Step 5 - Choose Between uploading with cellular data or Wi-Fi.

For faster uploads we recommend connecting your device to Wi-Fi and then uploading your captures. We recommend any capture exceeding 10 minutes be uploaded via the Desktop Sync App.

After you've chosen between cellular data or Wi-Fi, the capture will now start uploading to the OpenSpace Cloud.

Success - Upload Complete

If the upload has been successful you will see a pop-up saying "Upload Complete".

From here you can select another capture to upload or press the arrow button in the top left corner of the app to return to the main screen.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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