Add, edit or delete sheets in your existing projects. Please note that these features are available to site administrators and org-level administrators only. 

Add sheets to your site:

  • Hover over the project tile to expose the button for "Project Settings", then click on it.

  • On the "Details" landing page, you can edit the project name, address or upload a new site cover photo. To add or edit floorplans/sheets, click on "Floors".

  • Add sheets by clicking "Upload Floorplans". Save when you're finished.

Edit or delete existing sheets:

  • Click on the floorplan you would like to edit. On the bottom left side of the sheet, there are 4 icons. Crop lets you crop a plan - use this if you have plans with two different floors on them. Rotate lets you rotate a sheet. Duplicate makes a copy of the current sheet. Delete deletes a sheet.

  • Please note these options are only available while the sheet has no data on it. Once you take a capture on a sheet, please contact if you would like to edit or delete it.

Rename existing sheets:

  • Click on the pencil next to the floorplan name to rename a sheet.

Rearrange existing sheets

  • Click and drag the thumbnail next to the floorplan name to move a sheet.

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