Add Sheets

  • Where to upload your Sheets? Once on your project page you'll want to select the Project Settings from the gear icon on the left hand side.

  • This should open a new tab for you. Here you will see a section labeled Floors*. From here you will upload your desired Sheet(s).

  • Important: For every area that you would like to capture, OpenSpace requires one Sheet to act as a map. The 360 images from your OpenSpace capture will automatically be aligned on top of it. We recommend architectural drawings, and it's best if they describe the 'current' state of the building. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at Uploading "bad" drawings (e.g. reflected ceiling plans, MEP plans,) will delay your capture processing and potentially cause your 360 images to be located in the wrong place.

What is a "good" Sheet? Architectural or construction plans that represent one area only. If your Sheets contain more than one floor or area, please use the PDF editor to crop them. The instructions for that are listed below, under "Edit Existing Floorplans."


What is a "bad" Sheets? MEP drawings, CAD renderings, reflected ceiling plans, or any other plan that does not fall under the above parameters. Also since each Sheet should be of an individual floor, Sheets with multiple floors should be cropped via the PDF editor.


Edit existing Sheets

  • Rename your Sheet by double-clicking on the tile - the name you choose will show up when you take a capture, as well as when you view a capture.

  • If your Sheets need to be resized or contain more than one floor, you can do so by clicking the floorplan and clicking "Crop", "Rotate", "Duplicate" or "Delete". Again, each Sheet should represent one floor only - if your sheet has two levels, please crop it.


  • Once you're done adding and editing each floor that you plan to capture on, click "Save". That's it! You're now ready to start capturing.

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