***You must have Site Administrator access to invite or remove members to a project.

There are two ways to add new members to a project. The first way is, by selecting the 'Members' hard hat icon on the lower left of your screen when viewing captures. This will open a new window where you can select 'Add Member'.

From here, enter the new members email address, and choose the type of member they are going to be. Currently there are three member types; 1.) Viewer- Can only view captures and field notes. 2.) Editor- Can view, add captures and field notes. 3.) Site Administrator- The highest level of member, can view, add captures and field notes and also add/remove members. 

The second option to add members will be from your organizations homepage. On you project card, above the cover photo image, there is an 'Add Members' button. Selecting this will pull open a page where you can enter the emails and select the member type of the people you would like to add.

To remove a member, again select the 'Members' hard hat icon in the lower left. From here choose 'Remove Member'.

Officially remove the members by clicking the person-x icon next to their member status.

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