Getting Started:

  • Assemble camera in 360 mode by removing the one-sided lens and replacing it with the 360 (double-sided) lens. Assemble those to the battery (the long red piece).

  • The default Camera WiFi Password is 88888888.

Check your U-Disk Mode

  • If the U-Disk Mode is already set to "PC Mode" you are all set:
    Settings > General > U-Disk Mode > PC Mode.

  • If NOT, kindly see below in "Getting Ready" for visual references to update to PC Mode.

Updating the U-Disk

Under the Insta360 ONE R settings on the camera the U-Disk mode needs to display PC Mode to allow your computer to read the camera as a drive once plugged into your computer.

1.Go into the Settings: Swipe down from the top

2.Scroll until you have navigated to the U-Disk setting

3.Tap U-Disk and change to PC Mode

Please contact if you have any questions.

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