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May 2022 Release Notes
May 2022 Release Notes
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Large, multipage PDF upload support


Mobile app version v5.0

  • New organization and project menus.

  • Improved Field Note zoom.

  • "Pull to refresh" data on organization list, project list, and project homes.


After your first BIM upload and alignment, as soon as your updated models are uploaded and processed, customers will see instant alignment. Now your team can compare your new designs against the work-in-place right away.

Note that if your model geometry or coordinate system has significant changes, instant alignment may not apply. If you experience any delay with your instant alignment, please reach out to our support team


New Procore app for non-US customers:

This release includes the ability to embed the OpenSpace app in Procore on non-US servers as well as the ability to export individual Field Notes and images to a Procore project.

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