Project Sorting
Sort your Active and Closed Project list
Written by Michael Amaya
Updated over a week ago

Sorting and ordering your Active and Closed Project just got easier! While on your Organization page you can now go through this dropdown menu to sort your projects to display by different criteria.

On the top left under "Active Projects" you can now click on "Project name" to get a drop down of different options to select.

The options to sort by are as follows:

  • Project name (the default)

  • Date of the last capture

  • Total Number of Captures in the last 30 days

  • By number of members

Selecting the arrow icon next to the order option will change the order again. For example, you can select Number of members to go either highest total number of members (downward arrow) or lowest total number of members (upward arrow).

  • For Project name this would be alphabetical order (upward arrow) and reverse alphabetical order (downward arrow)

  • Last capture date and Captures in the last 30 days would be most recent date (downward arrow) and furthest back date (upward arrow)

If you have any additional questions please reach out to the OpenSpace support team at

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