Field Notes: Custom Status

Align statuses more closely with how you work

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With this feature, you can create your own unique Field Note status labels. Field Notes' "Status" field is a key to helping you plan, organize, and track all of your team's work and issues.

How it works


Site and org administrators can create, edit, re-order, and delete custom labels for the "Status" field in Project Settings. When looking at a Field Note, you can assign a status by choosing from a list of predefined labels created in Project Settings. You can also filter by these labels to find specific Field Notes.

Note: The "Closed" status label cannot be modified or deleted.

Navigating to Status Labels

To create create custom status labels for your project, you will first need to navigate to Project Settings (gear icon) > Field Notes (tab).

Navigate and select Project Settings once you've entered a project.

Select the Field Notes tab and scroll down or use the quick links to start creating your custom status labels.

Every project contains default labels that can be edited (renamed, re-ordered and deleted) except for the "Closed" label.

The status labels created here will only be available for the project that you are currently in. To create custom status labels for a different project, you will need to navigate to Project Settings for the different project.

Creating Status Labels

Reminder: Only site and org administrators are able to create, modify, re-order and delete status labels.

To create a new status label, click on the "New status" button to the far right of the "Status" section. Enter a name for your status label and designate a color. Multiple labels can have the same color, but cannot have the same name.

Select "Save" to create and add the new status to your workflow. Click "Cancel" if you've changed your mind. Only labels that have been saved will appear as a Field Note dropdown option.

Editing Status Labels

Now it's time to edit the status labels customized to your workflow! Hover over a status and select the "Edit" icon. Here you can rename the status and change the color. You can only edit one status at a time.

Note: If a Field Note is currently using that status label, any changes you make to the label here in Project Settings will automatically update all Field Notes with that status. You can see how many Field Notes currently contain the label and will be impacted before confirming.

Sorting Status Labels

The position of a status label in the list affects its order when selecting the label as a dropdown option when viewing a Field Note. The same order is also used when filtering Field Notes by a particular status.

To re-order a status, click and drag the "dot" icon to move the label to a new place in the list.

Deleting Status Labels

If there is a status label that is no longer needed, you can easily delete the label from the list. This label will be deleted from the entire project.

WARNING: If a Field Note contains a status that was deleted, the Field Note will have the status replaced with "No status." This will be applied to all Field Notes that have the deleted status.

Closed Status Label

The "Closed" status label is a way for you to close out Field Notes that are no longer necessary. This label cannot be re-ordered, edited, or deleted.


You're able to filter Field Notes by its status within the side panel and pano viewer. The order that was determined in Project Settings is preserved.

Filter all Field Notes with the side panel.

Filter all Field Notes within the specific capture with the pano viewer.

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