OpenSpace now lets you name all of your captures/walks, and then search those captures by name and floor plan.

Why name your captures in OpenSpace?
Review all of your pre-pour/slab inspections, safety inspection, punchlist, precon walk throughs, etc. at once, organized by level and date. For example, you can search captures with "Punchlist" in the name to show all of the punch walks broken out by date and by floor plan.

Naming your capture in the app:

  • Start your capture via the OpenSpace mobile app as normal. You can review instructions on taking a capture here. You will be prompted to name your capture automatically. Note that you can always add capture names later once your capture has been published and is viewable in the web browser.

Search your capture:

Once your capture has been published, you can run a full text search on your capture names

  • Go to your project (instructions on how to do that here).
  • Click on the "Captures" icon in the top lefthand corner
  • Enter the capture(s) you're looking for. You can also add a capture name from this view by clicking on the field that says "Unnamed capture.

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